False Color

New Story!

I have a new story, L'Inconnue, coming out in an anthology next year. The anthology, Behind the Mask - Tales from the Id, will include stories from horror greats Cliver Barker and Ramsey Campbell as well as some other spectacular names. I am really excited about this and cannot wait to share this story with the world.
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More Writing News

This fall I will have two stories, four pictures (two of which are included here), and one fabulous biography featured in the anthology The Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror 2017. The biography will be written by another participant (I wrote his) and the photos were taken by the wonderful Alyssa of Studio8687 in Los Angeles. One of the stories? Is OSCILLATIONS, the piece I wrote that achieved an honorable mention in 2015's Writers of the Future contest. I hope that makes some people excited since I know there were a few out there who really wanted a chance to read it.

I updated this account's profile with more ways to keep in touch with me if you were interested since I'm not on here that reliably.

Now have some pictures.

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False Color

Huge News!

I have a pretty big announcement. If you've been following me on Facebook you no doubt have already heard but for those of you who don't get ready for a big surprise!

I have a novel coming out!

Jenae Noonan of Victory Publications is publishing my book False Color quite soon. I'm waiting for it to come back from the editor before we know exactly when it will come out. I will definitely keep you posted on when that will be.

In the meantime here's some promotional artwork!

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Oscillations and Writers of the Future

Today the Writers of the Future contest announced their honorable mentions and my short story Oscillations was one of them. This was a story I wrote for another contest that I didn't end up actually entering (the story got too long and it was too hard to cut it down) so I'm extremely glad to have it do something. I will have to try to find it a different home now. I will also have to try to finish another story I have been working on with the specific hope of submitting it to WOF.
False Color

Then There's This

For those of you local to Los Angeles, I will be participating in our local horror reading series Shades and Shadows on the 17th of January. I’m still not sure what I will be reading but I promise it will be interesting. This is the first reading I have had in a long time and I am very excited about it. I really hope I see some familiar faces there!


I've Been Lax in Promotion

I may as well start somewhere.

The best place to get an idea of my work is Lovecraft eZine. My latest published story there is called Pawn to E4

I also wrote Now She Preys Through Endless Days

Of course, as the last post said, you can find the anthology That Ain’t Right: Historical Accounts of the Miskatonic Valley here

You can find other anthologies I’m in at my Amazon Author Page

I have a Tumblr as well

And of course my Facebook fan page
Pale Pale Pale

Go and help me out!

I entered a writing competition earlier this year and I need your help to win! So before anything else go to horroraddicts and listen to the the most recent episode (which is where that link takes you) The recording in question is the second (the first one is good too but it's the usual podcast and not relevant to this post) When you're done listening you need to go vote (for me please?) and that can be done by emailing horroraddicts@gmail.com

Every year the WickedWomenWriters hold a "Most Wicked" contest. There is a different theme each year, this year's was "Horror Take a Holiday." Every writer was given a holiday, an item, and a place. I got 4th of July, a candelabra, and the Fourth of July.

You have until September 13th to vote so be aware that I will probably be posting about this a few more times. I would be happy if others helped promote! :D I don't know how to provide incentive for that but I can think of something.

Speaking of incentive, as I said at my facebook fan page I added a lot of references to Lovecraft stories. First person to tell me how many I made and what they were gets a copy of one of the anthologies I've been in. So go listen!

And then go vote! horroraddicts@gmail.com My story is titled Do Not Trust the Gilded Tentacle on the 4th of July and it's totally what you want to vote for! Because I'm awesome. Or dragon.
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Pale Pale Pale


Look at me talk about myself here! And other stuff too.

I love looking at what I wrote later and going "I should have made it a new paragraph there" and "forgot a word there" and "that should have been 'have' not 'has.'" But I still really enjoyed it! And the blog itself is pretty nifty, I've been reading it pretty regularly. Justin has interviewed some awesome ladies!
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